Allow us to provide your staff or colleagues with lunch while you sit back and relax, learning about one of our many subjects that we provide. 

Helping Employees Grow:
DuPage Chiropractic Centre and Lunch and LearnThere never seems to be enough time during the day to get everything done. You can't spare people to go to training because there is so much work to be done, but you also can't neglect their training and development. Lunch and Learn is a way to get more training and education done by making the lunch hour multi-tasking.

What is Lunch and Learn?
At its simplest, a lunch and learn program is an educational training event scheduled during the lunch hour. We provide lunch for the employees who attend during the training session.

Benefits of A Lunch and Learn

  • We do all the work: Hosting a lunch and learn does not require you to provide any assistance. We do all the work and you get all the credit.
  •  A lunch and learn program doesn't make more hours in the day, but it makes better use of the time you have.
  • Bottom line, a lunch and learn program will give you better educated employees who are more motivated.
The biggest benefit of a lunch and learn program is that it’s free!

To schedule a lunch and learn today please contact our office at 630-858-9780 x 104 or email us at 

Educational Workshop Topics:

  1. Health & Stress – Got STRESS ? ? ?
  2.  Headache Pain - Migraine, Sinus & Tension Headaches, Oh My!
  3.  Conquering Low Back Pain – Using the most effective solutions.
  4.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Why surgery doesn’t always work.
  5.  Poor Sleep Quality – Is Tossing & Turning leaving you tired during the day?
  6.  Digestion Problems – The ABC’s
  7.  Arthritis – What your MD won’t tell you about Arthritis.
  8.  Understanding Fibromyalgia – The Real causes and solutions.
  9.  Five Secrete to Permanent Weight Loss – Look and feel younger!
  10. Diabetes – Early detection and prevention.
  11. Peak Performance – How to attain more energy and be more productive
  12.  Job Stress – Find out how bad it really is!
  13.  Ergonomics for EMT’s  – Protecting Your Back
  14.  Ergonomics for Police Officers
  15.  Stay Competitive & Healthy on the Golf Course
  16.  Preventing Work Injuries – Learn how your body can get damaged.
  17.  Auto Accidents & Hidden Injury – Don’t get stuck with Slipped Discs!
  18.  Trigger Point Therapy – Release Your Tension.