Over the years, we have received hundreds of testimonials from patients whose health and quality of life has been improved by chiropractic.

We we like to share some of these with you.
Real People.  Real Chiropractic Success Stories.
"Dr. Pepping made a believer out of me! I have experienced considerable pain relief. An 80% improvement in my spinal curvature - bringing me back to near-normal. Bedside manner was always pleasant! Thank you for making my life considerably less painful!"
"When I first starting seeing Dr. Pepping not a day went by that I didn't feel pain. After attending treatments for fix care, I feel like a new person. My activities are no longer causing me pain. I am a happier person and I have so much more energy. Dr. Pepping and her staff are wonderful and I thank them with my whole heart for giving me my life back."
"Besides taking care of me physically, Dr. Don and staff educated me on how to better take care of my body. By deciding to go on fixed care, I feel that is where I became totally healthy or (fixed). A combination of stretching, maintenance, and being smart on how I do things, I will stay feeling great. Thank you DuPage Chiropractic for taking such great care of me."
"Dr. Pepping identified my problem immediately as forward curving of my upper spine in the neck area. I faithfully completed two separate phases of treatment as recommended by Dr. Pepping. The result was correction of the spine curve and my neck is now very mobile and "pain free". Yes, chiropractic treatment does the trick."
"Through the dedication and compassion of Dr. Pepping, Dr. Don and their staff, they’ve helped me with finishing the "corrective care" program, and I couldn’t be more grateful. They were so understanding and flexible with my travel schedule. Their persistant ways is what kept me on track. I am feeling great and even better than before I injured myself. I am confident chiropractic care works. I even went to their pain management Dr. and had massage therapy with my treatments. I was lucky I scheduled to see them when they came into my job"
"[To the Glen Ellyn Chamber of Commerce:] I wanted to communicate my positive to experience with one of your local business members. I am staying in Glen Ellyn for an extended period of time and have been referred for health care to Dr. Sally Pepping. Although my care and the high level of professionalism is directly relative to Dr. Pepping and her staff, I did notice that she prominently displays her placard of membership in your chamber in her waiting room. This prompted me to write you this brief note to congratulate you on the caliber of membership you have developed as well as to make you aware of the fact that her professional service reflects very favorably on the city of Glen Ellyn and its chamber of commerce. I have copied Dr. Pepping on this communication to make her aware as well. Wish you continued success and a blessed Christmas Season."
"For over a year I had suffered from re-occurring headaches. My son convinced me to go to DuPage Chiropractic. After resisting for several weeks, I agreed to a consultation -- I was very reluctant. I am happy to say that this office has been very successful with adjusting me. My headaches are gone. Probably the one thing that put me at ease was the different options I was offered after a complete review of my medical background. This clinic has so much to offer for headaches. It’s been a life changing experience."
"After four weeks of treatment my neck pain was gone and my range of motion improved. I particularly liked Dr. Don’s emphasis on a treatment plan after his detailed recommendation in my report of findings. His positive prognosis was comforting. I needed traction and stretching exercises during my care program and I now use them to help my adjustments hold longer with maintenance. I have been a chiropractic patient for many years. Both of my children have also been successfully treated for allergies with chiropractic. All of the staff members here are caring and wonderful!"
"After 6 years of having TMJ, where every time I opened my mouth, there was a loud popping sound coming from my jaw, I have given up hope of getting rid of it. Dentists told me there wasn't much that could be done; there was surgery, but it only had a 3% success rate. After only one 15 minute visit with Sally it was GONE! My headaches are also gone and I'm not suffering from pain anymore. Sally is amazing! I almost wish I had more to get fixed!"